Lakewood Challenge Program

View from Lakewood Lounge



The Lakewood Challenge Program offers a wide variety of options for meeting your group's unique goals through the use of a challenge course. Located in a forested section of Lakewood on beautiful Lake Whatcom, approximately seven miles from Western Washington University's main campus, the course is accessible via WTA buses or has ample parking for individual vehicles. It is appreciated if groups can van or car pool. Western Students can also enjoy the use of the Lakewood Lounge for free during the day of their challenge. Map to the Lakewood complex

Ground Based Activities

These activities present clearly defined physical and mental objectives. Groups have the opportunity to organize themselves, generate strategies, test and refine solutions, and reflect upon the processes they employed in striving to meet the objective. These activities are designed to foster cooperative problem solving and understanding.

Low Elements

The low elements take place anywhere from ground-level to 13 feet above-ground and are designed to challenge your physical agility, group cooperation, and problem solving skills both individually and as group.

Example: Spider's Web - The object is to move your entire group through a nylon fabricated web without touching the web material. The challenge is that no two "holes" are the same size and range from 6 inches to 5 feet above the ground. The group works together to lift and support its members through the "holes" in the web. This activity focuses on group communication, team work and trust.

High Elements

The high elements are constructed in the trees approximately 30 feet above-ground and include ropes and steel cables that connect to several trees. While these elements are just as safe as the low elements the perceived risk is higher, making it essential that the individuals being challenged are supported and encouraged by their fellow group members.