Eveyln Hobbs



Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Major/Year: Fairhaven concentration/Junior


Why did you seek to be in this position?: I wanted to work for the QRC for a number of reasons. I spent most of last year helping out with AS events in a volunteer capacity, which helped to show just how important and useful the AS can be to all kinds of students. It’s also a position that I can’t help but be involved in, as a queer trans person myself. I hope I can be an example for other students, who may not be as comfortable being out, that we deserve a place in administration and we can work to help each other. 


What are you excited about for this year?: This year I’m excited to be working with a few returning staff members, who will lend experience and insight, as well as new faces with new ideas. Together, we can create a year full of great activities, talks, and events.


What are your special interest for the office?: My special interests in the office are all about listening to the community and getting input from students. If anyone has ideas for events, or they have issues they see on campus, I’d love to hear from you and help make the QRC a place for and by the student body. 


What can students come to you for?: Besides event ideas and issues, students can come to me to talk about anything on their minds, ask about resources, get connected to others on campus, or just hang out. I also have first-hand experience with obtaining Hormone Replacement Therapy, legal name changes, and working with WWU to make sure everything is in the right name. 


What’s a favorite activity of yours?: In my spare time, I love writing and playing video games. Some of my favorite games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dead Space, Banjo-Kazooie, and Borderlands.



Alberto Rodriguez-Escobedo

Assistant Coordinator for Community Programming


Pronouns: He/him/his


Why did you seek to be in this position?: I wanted this position to build a stronger connection between queer, LGBT+, and the trans community on campus and the QRC. For the QRC to become a resource and advocate for the queer, LGBT+, and trans identity based clubs on campus.


What are you excited about for this year?: I am excited to meet folks and get to know them better, to establish that connection and interpersonal relationships.


What are your special interest for the office?: I am interested in exploring queer identities through an intersectional perspective and deconstruct the powers both institutional and systematic that influence the development of those identities.


What can students come to you for?: Students can come to me if they are interested in having social justice conversations, where were both learning from each other. Or if you have any problems on campus I am happy to advocate for you.


What’s a favorite activity of yours?: I enjoy drawing and engaging in art.




Kieran Flowers

Assistant Coordinator for Educational Programming